9/1/2010 Gameplay summery

The party emerged out of the shipping area and into the main commons of The Capital. The commons was a market square befitting a large city. It was also highly magical. It seemed that the Capital was larger on the inside than it was on the outside, which itself is quite massive. The stone skin of the Capital was transparent from the inside and those inside the Capital enjoyed independent gravity and where never affected by how the Capital moved and swayed as it marched over the landscape.

The party wanted to move quickly out of this crowded area, but they were unsure where to head towards next. As they paused for directions next to an information kiosk, a passerby noticed their faces on a nearby wanted poster. Noticing that they were recognized, Vengeance and Dia’chon attempted to diffuse the situation, but managed to make the passerby even more nervous and he alerted the guards.

The battle escalated quickly with guards and clockwork soldiers pouring into the commons area, attempting to corner the party. The party called down a spidervator (the Capital’s style of elevator: a platform that crawls up and down a shaft with clockwork spider legs) but it halted when it was only half-way aligned with the current floor. Grimm managed to pry open the spidervator’s gate and Vengeance managed to restart its mechanisms, allowing the party to escape the tide of enemies filling the commons.

The spidervator took the party up a level to the Capital’s reservoir. Already alerted by the fighting in the commons, Capital forces were in position on the bridge across the reservoir. As the party battled their way across the bridge, Capital forces deployed huge golem seed on the end of the bridge they had come from. An enormous golem emerged from the seed and chased after them on the bridge. The party bravely turned to face their new enemy, but their attacks were having no appreciable effect on the towering golem that took up the entire width of the bridge. In a desperate maneuver, the party sprinted to the end of the bridge and destroyed its supports, plunging the golem into the waters below.



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