8/25/10 Gameplay Summery

Prince Rat hid the party in a cargo crate full of rotten vegetables bound for The Capital. Due to the stench, the Capital guards in customs didn’t inspect the container for more than a second before condemning it to the incinerator. Luckily for the party, one of Prince Rat’s inside men was able to diverge the container before it was incinerated.

The party exited the container somewhere in the shipping and storage section of The Capital. Their path out of that section was blocked Highly Efficient Loader Golems, who marched in tight-knit lines carrying cargo from A to B and would mindlessly trample over anyone who tried to cross their lines. Looking for an alternate route out, the party boarded the cargo conveyor belt system, dodging heavy crates and battling automated clockwork systems that meant to “sort” the party as “loose material” to be junked.

Once off the conveyor belt system, the party spotted some workers taking a smoke break and immediately ambushed them. One of the workers was able to set off an alarm in the form of a clockwork bird that flew into a system of shout tubes which carried the sound of its cry. Capital security troops entered the area, but were quickly routed in a bloody manner. In particular, Dia’chon snatched one of the guards and pulled him into the mashing gears that ran the conveyor belt system. Vengeance interrogated the workers until he found a switch that turned off the Highly Efficient Loader Golems, allowing the party a way out. Before leaving, Dia’chon found an old acquaintance in the sound-proof break room of the shipping office: the former airship engineer that Dia’chon ambushed and dangled out of a porthole. His reaction to seeing Dia’chon could only be described as unbridled terror.



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