8/2/10 Summery

The party followed the points of light on the gem given to them by Master Shen and it led them deeper into the frozen northlands. They came to an icy valley between glacial cliff, filled with sleeping giants and a strange mist. As they got deeper into the valley, an avalanche caused by Selene and Maha cut off their retreat and the sleep-inducing mist began to rise. The party had to make a mad dash across hazardous icy terrain before the mist caused them to fall into eternal slumber.

In one of the walls of the ice cliffs was a strange out-of-place door. The party charged recklessly through the door a awoke the witch that inhabited a small sanctuary surrounding a manaspring. This was the same witch whose old den the party had trespassed and robbed, so she was furious to see them again. A fight broke out and the witch grew her kitsch figurines into life-sized constructs to assault the party. A powerful blast of the witch’s transformating magic turned Yuni into a frog! As the tide of battle turned to the party’s side, the witch reluctantly was able to get rid of them by teleporting that corner of her whole house into some distant field.

After a lengthy travel on foot, the party came to the city of Kingshaven. They were surprised not only to find The Capital already at the city, but that the remaining points of light from the gem pointed to inside The Capital. The party consulted with Masher Shen who mentioned that the prince of the rats would be their best bet for infiltrating The Capital. Using a spell from the dislocated corner of the witch’s house, the party disguised themselves and entered the city. There was talk of The Capital arresting some fugitives a few hours ago that were hiding in the city.

The party entered a shop to inquire about any local rat activity, but the shopkeeper was alerted by Vengeance’s new appearance of a drow, and his old personality to match. The shopkeeper made a flimsy excuse to the back of the shop then bolted and alerted the city guard. The party booked it. Their next stop was a seedy bar on the poor side of town. However when they barged in looking like drow, the patrons panicked and fled. They found the barkeeper hiding behind the bar and they drilled him for answers. He told them that rats usually steal from the general store at night. The party once again booked it at the sound of approaching city guards.

Later that evening the party staked out the alleyway behind the general store. E’rah conjured up illusionary treasure and the rat fell for the simple box-and-stick-on-a-string trap. The captured rat set up a meeting with Prince Rat, who promised them a way into The Capital for a price.



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