6/28/10 Game Summery

Later that day the party traveled through the city of Chantilly to the astrology tower owned by the comet cult. Along the way there, Grimm noticed that the mark on his head was causing him to grow even taller than usual. When the entered the inner sanctum of the comet cult, they were taken to see the cult’s leader, Master Shen. As it turned out, Shen wasn’t a man at all, but rather a shard of the Comet Excella that has fallen to Earth and has formed it’s own consciousness. Seeing as that the party now held the Words of the Comet and were in the position to complete Enid’s quest, Master Shen was willing to give any help he could.

  • The destination of the Words, the Earth Shrine, lies to the southwest.
  • 800 years ago, an old witch came to the town of Fire Springs and claimed it’s manaspring.
  • The witch, who came to be known as Queen Almeda I, rose Fire Springs and the mountain it resided upon, turning it into The Capital.
  • Master Shen bestowed upon the party gem the shone with seven points of light. Each light points in the direction towards a Word of the Comet, but does not indicate distance.
  • Master Shen also bestowed a shard of himself, with which the party could communicate with him from any distance.
  • Enid’s sister Estra had received the same training to become a Word Bearer and was tasked to guide the party to the Earth Shrine.

When the party left the cult’s tower, they were surprised to see Capital airships have arrived in Chantilly. They tried to make their way discreetly to the city gates, but at point Grimm was 12 feet tall and had a Word of the Comet glowing on his forehead. They were spotted easily. Capital forces soon converged on the party. E’rah conjured walls of flame to keep them at bay, with little regard to any innocent bystanders.

While the party fought, they noticed that the Chantilly dome was beginning to close for the evening. If they did not escape before it shut, they would be trapped in the city with the Capital until morning. The party hopped off the overpass they were on and onto the back of a passing train. As the train sped along towards the city gates, they were besought by airborne Capital forces. Troops riding on the backs of clockwork dragonflies hazed them as a low-flying airship blasted rail-cars out from under the party’s feet, forcing them to constantly move forward towards the engine. Golems fired on the party from an overpass, but the giant-sized Grimm smashed through the overpass, causing the whole structure to collapse. Not even the golem formed out of the train’s coal car was able to stop the party from reaching the city gates right before the dome shut close for the night. The pursuing airship tried to squeeze through before the dome closed, but hit the shuttered and crashed spectacularly.



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