07/07/2010 Game Summery

The party combed through the wreckage of the airship and Vengeance found some golem seeds. After a brief fight with Dai’chon, Vengeance activated one of the golem seeds and the party rode the golem through the arctic tundra. But there was a reason why Chantilly shuts its dome each night, as the party found out as they became caught in a fierce blizzard. On Estra’s suggestion they party made camp in a large crater which would shield them from the howling winds.

That night a full moon was out and Grimm transformed into a werewolf! At the same time, Estra revealed herself to actually be Selene, a leader of the Lunatics. She had led them into a trap as they were soon encircled by ice wolves, wombat orcs and two deadly Lunatic operatives, Chandra and Maha. Maha had upon her head the 7th Word of the Comet and she used it’s power to amplify her ability to disappear. During the melee she was able to subdue Dai’chon and steal his Word of the Comet. The party managed to kill Chandra but Maha and Selene got away.

After a harsh struggle, the party was able to subdue the rampaging werewolf Grimm. They managed to slip Enid’s silver comet ring onto this finger, negating the effect of the lycanthropy.



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