10/20/10 XP Report

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (4200XP)
  • Spidervator Descent (1785XP)
  • Firesprings, The Heart of The Capital (2310XP)

Total for session: 8295

Total for campaign: 53960

Roleplaying Rewards (4200)

  • Killed Queen Almeda XII (1050 XP)
  • Killed Prince Rat (1050 XP)
  • Killed Riven (1050 XP)
  • Spared The Capital (1050 XP)

Spidervator Descent (1785 XP)

  • Prince Rat x1 (1050 XP)
  • Damn Rats x14 (735 XP)

Firesprings, The Heart of The Capital (2310 XP)

  • Prince Rat (Manaspring Empowered) x1 (1050 XP)
  • Riven x1 (420 XP)
  • Fire Wisps x4 (840 XP)


10/4/10 Game Summery

saved for later

10/4/10 XP Report

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (945XP)
  • The Palace (1662XP)
  • Showdown with Almeda (3010XP)

Total for session: 5617

Total for campaign: 45665

Roleplaying Rewards (945)

  • Grimm Needs Muffins Badly (210 XP)
  • Arson For Fun and Vengeance (210 XP)
  • Confronting the Queen (525 XP)

The Palace (1662 XP)

  • Royal Geomancer x1 (420 XP)
  • Pain Magnet x3 (368 XP)
  • Gunhawks x4 (420 XP)
  • RoadBlockBot x1 (105 XP)
  • Pursuit Golems x4 (105 XP)
  • Capital Grapplers x2 (245 XP)

Showdown with Almeda (3010 XP)

  • Queen Almeda XII x1 (1050 XP)
  • Sending Shadows x3 (1260 XP)
  • Void Knight x1 (350 XP)
  • Royal Geomancer x1 (350 XP)
9/29/10 XP Report

Game Summery

Prince Rat informed that the best way into the Royal Palace would be to sneak into the ceremony taking place that day. After reversing Yuni’s frog transformation with a revolting kiss (plus some tongue), Prince Rat set the party up with some stolen invitations that were enchanted to change the party’s appearance.

In their new disguises, the party gained access to the Royal Place for what turned out to be Princess Almeda XIII’s birthday ceremony. There were some blunders but the party managed to keep up appearances long enough to find where the missing words of the comet were. They were now bound to Queen Almeda XII. After the ceremony the party confronted the queen. She summoned her void knights, led by Riven, Vengeance’s lost brother. The party survived, but the queen, princess and Riven escaped further into the palace.

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (2205XP)
  • Enter Void Knights (3745XP)

Total for session: 5950

Total for campaign: 40048

Roleplaying Rewards (2205)

  • Worst. Party guests. EVER. (2205 XP)

Enter Void Knights (3745 XP)

  • Queen Almeda XII x1 (1050 XP)
  • Princess Almeda XIII x1 (280 XP)
  • Riven x1 (875 XP)
  • Void Knights x3 (1050 XP)
  • Poor Dumb Bastards (Guards) x4 (490 XP)


9/8/10 Game Summery

From the reservoir the party continued upward into the Arboretum, where The Capital’s food was grown in gigantic trees. With the spidervators locked down, the party took to climbing the massive trees. They discovered devices attached to the trees that dripped a steady supply of mana into the trees, which accounted for their large size. The party found that smashing the devises on the branches of the trees would cause climbable vines to grow spontaneously, allowing them to climb higher.

After reaching the top of the Arboretum the party was able to reach a maintenance tunnel which they took up to the estates level. They surfaced behind a barricade the Capital established around the spidervator shaft, thinking the party would ascend up from there. The party was able to successfully flank the surprised guards and take them down without rising an alarm. They overheard an officer speaking with Queen Almeda through a speaking stone about a ceremony the queen is planning for the next day that she cannot afford to delay, even with the party infiltrating the Capital.

Confronted with another barricade, the party ducked into a manor house to avoid more guards. Inside they found Prince Rat waiting for them. He had been following them as they made their way through the Capital. He opened up a door to a pocket dimension for the party to rest in for the night.

9/8/10 XP Report

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (1566XP)
  • Curbstomp at the Estates (858XP)

Total for session: 2424

Total for campaign: 34098

Roleplaying Rewards (1566)

  • Awkward spidervator ride (1 XP)
  • Climbing the Arboretum (840 XP)
  • Defeated guards without sounding an alarm (315 XP)
  • Hiding the bodies in the maintainance corridor (158 XP)
  • Raiding the manor (252 XP)

Curbstomp at the Estates (858 XP)

  • Capital Grappler x5 (612 XP)
  • Pain Magnet x1 (123 XP)
  • Golem Launcher x1 (123 XP)
9/1/2010 Gameplay summery

The party emerged out of the shipping area and into the main commons of The Capital. The commons was a market square befitting a large city. It was also highly magical. It seemed that the Capital was larger on the inside than it was on the outside, which itself is quite massive. The stone skin of the Capital was transparent from the inside and those inside the Capital enjoyed independent gravity and where never affected by how the Capital moved and swayed as it marched over the landscape.

The party wanted to move quickly out of this crowded area, but they were unsure where to head towards next. As they paused for directions next to an information kiosk, a passerby noticed their faces on a nearby wanted poster. Noticing that they were recognized, Vengeance and Dia’chon attempted to diffuse the situation, but managed to make the passerby even more nervous and he alerted the guards.

The battle escalated quickly with guards and clockwork soldiers pouring into the commons area, attempting to corner the party. The party called down a spidervator (the Capital’s style of elevator: a platform that crawls up and down a shaft with clockwork spider legs) but it halted when it was only half-way aligned with the current floor. Grimm managed to pry open the spidervator’s gate and Vengeance managed to restart its mechanisms, allowing the party to escape the tide of enemies filling the commons.

The spidervator took the party up a level to the Capital’s reservoir. Already alerted by the fighting in the commons, Capital forces were in position on the bridge across the reservoir. As the party battled their way across the bridge, Capital forces deployed huge golem seed on the end of the bridge they had come from. An enormous golem emerged from the seed and chased after them on the bridge. The party bravely turned to face their new enemy, but their attacks were having no appreciable effect on the towering golem that took up the entire width of the bridge. In a desperate maneuver, the party sprinted to the end of the bridge and destroyed its supports, plunging the golem into the waters below.

9/1/2010 XP Report

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (210XP)
  • Chaos in the Commons (884XP)
  • Clash On The Big Bridge ™ (2363XP)

Total for session: 3457

Total for campaign: 31674

Roleplaying Rewards (210)

  • Brave/foolhardy enough to fight Golemesh (210 XP)

Chaos in the Commons (884 XP)

  • Commons Guards x6 (131 XP)
  • Clockwork Golems x10 (263 XP)
  • Recyclers x4 (490 XP)

Clash On The Big Bridge ™ (2363 XP)

  • Golemesh x1 (612 XP)
  • Pain Magnet x2 (245 XP)
  • Roadblockbot x4 (490 XP)
  • Capital Grappler x4 (490 XP)
  • Gunhawks x5 (525 XP)


8/25/10 Gameplay Summery

Prince Rat hid the party in a cargo crate full of rotten vegetables bound for The Capital. Due to the stench, the Capital guards in customs didn’t inspect the container for more than a second before condemning it to the incinerator. Luckily for the party, one of Prince Rat’s inside men was able to diverge the container before it was incinerated.

The party exited the container somewhere in the shipping and storage section of The Capital. Their path out of that section was blocked Highly Efficient Loader Golems, who marched in tight-knit lines carrying cargo from A to B and would mindlessly trample over anyone who tried to cross their lines. Looking for an alternate route out, the party boarded the cargo conveyor belt system, dodging heavy crates and battling automated clockwork systems that meant to “sort” the party as “loose material” to be junked.

Once off the conveyor belt system, the party spotted some workers taking a smoke break and immediately ambushed them. One of the workers was able to set off an alarm in the form of a clockwork bird that flew into a system of shout tubes which carried the sound of its cry. Capital security troops entered the area, but were quickly routed in a bloody manner. In particular, Dia’chon snatched one of the guards and pulled him into the mashing gears that ran the conveyor belt system. Vengeance interrogated the workers until he found a switch that turned off the Highly Efficient Loader Golems, allowing the party a way out. Before leaving, Dia’chon found an old acquaintance in the sound-proof break room of the shipping office: the former airship engineer that Dia’chon ambushed and dangled out of a porthole. His reaction to seeing Dia’chon could only be described as unbridled terror.

8/25/10 XP Report
XP Report
  • Roleplaying Rewards (400XP)
  • Skirmish in Shipping (1067XP)
  • Second Wave of Security (750XP)

Experience points earned this session: 2217

  • Total XP for campaign: 28217
  • Current level after game: 11
  • XP to next level: 3783
Roleplaying Rewards (400)
  • Sneaking into The Capital (300 XP)
  • Reuniting with our old friend the airship engineer (100 XP)
Skirmish in Shipping (1067 XP)
  • Workers x4 (233 XP)
  • Rent-a-Guard x1 (58 XP)
  • Security Geomancers x2 (200 XP)
  • Security Gunners x2 (200 XP)
  • Crane Arms x4 (333 XP)
  • Golems x2 (42 XP)
Second Wave of Security (750 XP)
  • G-38b “Hydra” Artillery Golem (83 XP)
  • Capital Gunner (83 XP)
  • Capital Pilot (83 XP)
  • Security Geomancer (333 XP)
  • Crowd Control Golem (83 XP)

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