New XP
XP from the last game + compensating for the time lost being stuck in OT =


The party is now level 11

Paragon time!

8/2/10 Summery

The party followed the points of light on the gem given to them by Master Shen and it led them deeper into the frozen northlands. They came to an icy valley between glacial cliff, filled with sleeping giants and a strange mist. As they got deeper into the valley, an avalanche caused by Selene and Maha cut off their retreat and the sleep-inducing mist began to rise. The party had to make a mad dash across hazardous icy terrain before the mist caused them to fall into eternal slumber.

In one of the walls of the ice cliffs was a strange out-of-place door. The party charged recklessly through the door a awoke the witch that inhabited a small sanctuary surrounding a manaspring. This was the same witch whose old den the party had trespassed and robbed, so she was furious to see them again. A fight broke out and the witch grew her kitsch figurines into life-sized constructs to assault the party. A powerful blast of the witch’s transformating magic turned Yuni into a frog! As the tide of battle turned to the party’s side, the witch reluctantly was able to get rid of them by teleporting that corner of her whole house into some distant field.

After a lengthy travel on foot, the party came to the city of Kingshaven. They were surprised not only to find The Capital already at the city, but that the remaining points of light from the gem pointed to inside The Capital. The party consulted with Masher Shen who mentioned that the prince of the rats would be their best bet for infiltrating The Capital. Using a spell from the dislocated corner of the witch’s house, the party disguised themselves and entered the city. There was talk of The Capital arresting some fugitives a few hours ago that were hiding in the city.

The party entered a shop to inquire about any local rat activity, but the shopkeeper was alerted by Vengeance’s new appearance of a drow, and his old personality to match. The shopkeeper made a flimsy excuse to the back of the shop then bolted and alerted the city guard. The party booked it. Their next stop was a seedy bar on the poor side of town. However when they barged in looking like drow, the patrons panicked and fled. They found the barkeeper hiding behind the bar and they drilled him for answers. He told them that rats usually steal from the general store at night. The party once again booked it at the sound of approaching city guards.

Later that evening the party staked out the alleyway behind the general store. E’rah conjured up illusionary treasure and the rat fell for the simple box-and-stick-on-a-string trap. The captured rat set up a meeting with Prince Rat, who promised them a way into The Capital for a price.

07/07/2010 Game Summery

The party combed through the wreckage of the airship and Vengeance found some golem seeds. After a brief fight with Dai’chon, Vengeance activated one of the golem seeds and the party rode the golem through the arctic tundra. But there was a reason why Chantilly shuts its dome each night, as the party found out as they became caught in a fierce blizzard. On Estra’s suggestion they party made camp in a large crater which would shield them from the howling winds.

That night a full moon was out and Grimm transformed into a werewolf! At the same time, Estra revealed herself to actually be Selene, a leader of the Lunatics. She had led them into a trap as they were soon encircled by ice wolves, wombat orcs and two deadly Lunatic operatives, Chandra and Maha. Maha had upon her head the 7th Word of the Comet and she used it’s power to amplify her ability to disappear. During the melee she was able to subdue Dai’chon and steal his Word of the Comet. The party managed to kill Chandra but Maha and Selene got away.

After a harsh struggle, the party was able to subdue the rampaging werewolf Grimm. They managed to slip Enid’s silver comet ring onto this finger, negating the effect of the lycanthropy.

6/28/10 Game Summery

Later that day the party traveled through the city of Chantilly to the astrology tower owned by the comet cult. Along the way there, Grimm noticed that the mark on his head was causing him to grow even taller than usual. When the entered the inner sanctum of the comet cult, they were taken to see the cult’s leader, Master Shen. As it turned out, Shen wasn’t a man at all, but rather a shard of the Comet Excella that has fallen to Earth and has formed it’s own consciousness. Seeing as that the party now held the Words of the Comet and were in the position to complete Enid’s quest, Master Shen was willing to give any help he could.

  • The destination of the Words, the Earth Shrine, lies to the southwest.
  • 800 years ago, an old witch came to the town of Fire Springs and claimed it’s manaspring.
  • The witch, who came to be known as Queen Almeda I, rose Fire Springs and the mountain it resided upon, turning it into The Capital.
  • Master Shen bestowed upon the party gem the shone with seven points of light. Each light points in the direction towards a Word of the Comet, but does not indicate distance.
  • Master Shen also bestowed a shard of himself, with which the party could communicate with him from any distance.
  • Enid’s sister Estra had received the same training to become a Word Bearer and was tasked to guide the party to the Earth Shrine.

When the party left the cult’s tower, they were surprised to see Capital airships have arrived in Chantilly. They tried to make their way discreetly to the city gates, but at point Grimm was 12 feet tall and had a Word of the Comet glowing on his forehead. They were spotted easily. Capital forces soon converged on the party. E’rah conjured walls of flame to keep them at bay, with little regard to any innocent bystanders.

While the party fought, they noticed that the Chantilly dome was beginning to close for the evening. If they did not escape before it shut, they would be trapped in the city with the Capital until morning. The party hopped off the overpass they were on and onto the back of a passing train. As the train sped along towards the city gates, they were besought by airborne Capital forces. Troops riding on the backs of clockwork dragonflies hazed them as a low-flying airship blasted rail-cars out from under the party’s feet, forcing them to constantly move forward towards the engine. Golems fired on the party from an overpass, but the giant-sized Grimm smashed through the overpass, causing the whole structure to collapse. Not even the golem formed out of the train’s coal car was able to stop the party from reaching the city gates right before the dome shut close for the night. The pursuing airship tried to squeeze through before the dome closed, but hit the shuttered and crashed spectacularly.

07/07/2010 XP Report
XP Report
  • Roleplaying Rewards (450XP)
  • The Lunatic’s Trap (1554XP)

Experience points earned this session: 2796

  • Total XP for campaign: 21637
  • Current level after game: 10
  • XP to next level: 4363
Roleplaying Rewards (450)
  • Grimm’s werewolf frenzy (200 XP)
  • One Lunatic down… (250 XP)
The Lunatic’s Trap (1554 XP)
  • Celene x1 (417 XP)
  • Maha x1 (417 XP)
  • Chandra x1 (417 XP)
  • Frost Hounds x4 (200 XP)
  • Wombat Orcs x5 (104 XP)


6/28/2010 XP Report
XP Report
  • Roleplaying Rewards (300XP)
  • Trainbound escape (1813XP)

Experience points earned this session: 2113

  • Total XP for campaign: 18841
  • Current level after game: 9
  • XP to next level: 1659
Roleplaying Rewards (300)
  • Meeting Master Shen (100 XP)
  • Utter disregard of innocent bystanders and public property (200 XP)
Trainbound escape (1813 XP)
  • Coal Golem x1 (133 XP)
  • Dragonfly Aircraft x5 (667 XP)
  • Capital Lancer x2 (100 XP)
  • Capital Geomancer x3 (150 XP)
  • Capital Pilot x5 (250 XP)
  • Capital Arcane Gunner x5 (250 XP)
  • Golem Grunt x4 (29 XP)
  • Capital Battle Walker x1 (100 XP)
  • Airship x1 (133 XP)
06/07/2010 Game Summery

Knowing the Capital airships would be watching from the skies, the party trekked deeper into the cave system, hoping to find an exit the Capital wasn’t watching. As they ventured into the cave, they found that it was inhabited by the thievish rat-people they have encountered before on occasion. For the most part they seemed to only want the party to leave them and their horde of stolen wealth alone, though a few pickpocketed Yuni when she was briefly separated from the party. The party made no hostile actions against the rats, though they didn’t hesitate to snag an unguarded treasure chest full of jewels.

Deep into the caves was a fork in the tunnels. Down the first tunnel the party ventured they could hear heavy, monstrous breathing. E’rah took a peak further down the tunnel and saw an enormous rat-creature guarding a horde of treasure chests. E’rah was noticed, but the rats did not press the attack when she retreated back to the party. The party decided not to piss off the rats in their home turf and took the other route, which lead them out of the cave.

Around this time Yuni remembered the map she snatched from the captain’s quarters of the airship they stole from Senlis. On the map they could see a hand-drawn line from the northern city of Chantilly, through Senlis and down past the mountains next to Altanoah. The line passes right over the spot in the Altanoah Mountains where the first airship carrying the Woman in White crashed. The party decided that if this is the flight path of the crashed airship, it was worth it to check out the city it originated from.

On their way to Chantilly, they found that the Senlis River valley was flooded. At the banks of the river was a traveling merchant’s carriage. The merchant said he was on his way to Chantilly but the route became impassable because the spirit of the local river bested another spirit in some contest and as his ego bloated, so did the waters in his river. Investigating the rive shore, the party found the river spirit boasting loudly. Dia’chon bet the river spirit he couldn’t hold his waters back for the amount of time it took the carriage to cross the river bed. The river spirit accepted the challenge. When the carriage was half way across the river bed, E’rah decided to use her magic to levitate in case the river spirit didn’t hold the water back for long enough. As she cast the spell, the Words of the Comet, which were on her head that day, glowed brightly and a surge of uncontrollable magical power flowed through her. Her super-powered levitate spell sent her flying through the air! On impulse, Yuni bet the river spirit he couldn’t do that. The river spirit accepted and propelled himself even higher into the air by means of a water spout. Unfortunately, once he was propelled into the air and his water spout came to an end, he also let go of the water he was holding back and a great wave flowed downstream. The carriage just barely made it to shore before the wave hit, but Barimoke wasn’t fast enough to make it across in time. Vengeance grabbed a rope and jumped in after Barimoke and Dai’chon was able to help pull them both to shore.

Everyone made it to the other side of the river except for Yuni and Grimm. While the water spirit was boasting how great he was for winning both challenged, Vengeance offered another bet. He bet the spirit he couldn’t bet what he held inside his bag. Unknown to the spirit, the bag in question was a Bag of Holding, which Vengeance previously filled with 20-pound stones. The spirit guessed that the bag, which seemed to only weigh one pound from the outside perspective, held only a dagger. He was shocked when Vengeance opened the bag and poured out a pile of large heavy stones. As per the conditions of the bet the spirit safely ferried Grimm and Yuni across. The spirit was ashamed he had been fooled by a mortal and as his ego deflated, the waters of his river receded.

The party traveled with the merchant carriage across the frozen tundra that laid between them and the remote northern city of Chantilly. Along the way, they were ambushed in a narrow passage by werewolves. In the fight, Grimm was bitten by a werewolf. When the battle was over, they discovered two objects of note on the bodies of their attackers. One was that the werewolves wore pendants bearing the mark of the moon. Second was they also carried a Rune Sphere, much like those the Capital used to steal Yuni’s Words of the Comet.

The party arrived in Chantilly just before the city closed its gates for the night. Chantilly was a sight to behold, and not just because it’s the second largest city-state, behind only the Capital itself. For a remote location in the desolate northern tundra, the city was a technological marvel of clockwork engineering. All of the buildings were made of steel and iron. Interconnected gears ran between building and along streets in a way that the city appeared more like a giant machine. At night the city did not simply shut the gates to it’s perimeter walls. Instead, a huge metal dome slide into place over the entire city, pulled into place by the myriad of gears and pullies worked into the architecture of the city itself. At night the only thing that laid outside the massive metal dome was the tops of the observatory towers in the heart of the city, which fit perfectly through the only openings in the dome.

After spending the night crashing in a stable, the party recalled that The Wizard Holt had previously mentioned to them that the Words of the Comet looked like astrology symbols. The whole reason the party went to Senlis in the first place was to talk to an astrologist about the words. In the morning there were large crowds around the observatory towers as the nightly predictions made by the astrologists were being sold to the eager citizens. Although the astrologists were ready to head home after a night of work, one of them noticed the Words of the Comet on Grimm’s head and invited them to come in. While talking to the astrologist, the party learned that:

  • Much like the spirit of the river that the party encountered earlier, all of the celestial bodies have their own spirits. Including the Earth.
  • Celestial bodies communicate to each other. The language of such powerful spirits manifests itself as terribly powerful magic.
  • The Words of the Comet are an example of the celestial language.
  • Often celestial language is tasked to a mortal Word-Bearer.
  • The Word-Bearer takes the Words to a specified destination, usually a shrine or place of strong connection to the recipient spirit.
  • A complete message in the celestial language is called a Verse.
  • Individual Words cannot be read. Only a complete Verse can be understood.
  • The party has six Words, but there is a missing seventh Word. Their Verse is incomplete and cannot be read.

The party told the Astrologist how they found the Words on a dead woman in a crashed Capital airship. When they mentioned the Comet Ring they found hidden under the floor-boards, the Astrologist had an idea. He took the party to an occultist. Using the Comet Ring as a focus, they held a Séance to talk to the Woman in White. Although the ghost was angry at the party at first because Grimm and Vengeance desecrated her body on the Capital airship, she did give helpful information when it became apparent that they were the new Word-Bearers:

  • She is part of a group that worships the Excella Comet.
  • The comet only arrives on new moons.
  • The Verse is from the Excella Comet to the spirit of the Earth.
  • The Woman in White was the Word-bearer and her destination was the Earth Shrine.
  • Lunatics attacked her on her journey.
  • The Capital was also after her and managed to capture her, until the airship that was transporting her was sabotaged by Lunatics.
  • The party must now finish what she began and deliver the Words of the Comet to the Earth Shrine.
  • The magic of the Words is powerful and unstable. It is dangerous to hold onto Words for too long. The Words will become more unpredictable and perilous as time goes on, especially for Bearers who are unprepared for the task.
  • The runes on the Rune Spheres the Capital and Lunatics used are similar to the markings found in the Earth Shrine. These runes are used to retrieve a Word from a Bearer when they reach their destination. In this case though, they are being used to steal a Word before its journey is finished.
  • The cult of the comet is based here in Chantilly. One of the elders, Master Sen, could be of help.
06/07/2010 XP Report
XP Report
  • Roleplaying Rewards (1640XP)
  • Wolf Ambush (317XP)

Experience points earned this session: 1957

  • Total XP for campaign: 16728
  • Current level after game: 9
  • XP to next level: 3772
Roleplaying Rewards (1640)
  • Cave of the Rats (330 XP)
  • Tricking the River Spirit (520 XP)
  • Talking to the Astrologist (380 XP)
  • Séance (410 XP)
Wolf Ambush (317 XP)
  • Frost Hound x3 (150 XP)
  • Frost Hawk x1 (50 XP)
  • Werewolf x2 (117 XP)


06/02/2010 Game Summery

The seeds from the remaining Capital airship arose from the ground as squad of battle golems with full crew. The Capital golems soon engaged the party in the river delta amongst the flaming wreckage of the two airships that were lost in the aerial battle. Luckily the golems the party escaped the airship with were equally equipped for battle.

Grimm had difficulty determining how to drive his golem and, after briefly mashing random buttons, abandoned his golem to take the fight directly to the crew of the rival golems. Vengeance and Dai’chon also took to boarding the enemy golems, to mixed results.

Yuni broke into the enemy’s rear line but was knocked out by retaliation of concentrated firepower. One of the Capital arcane gunners pulled out a fist sized white orb and threw it into the air. The orb shimmered and drew arcane runes in the sky. As the runes glowed, the Words of the Comet upon Yuni’s head responded and flew off her forehead and onto that of the gunner who threw the orb.

Soon the Capital airship lowered itself into position over the battlefield and lowered and began to pull the gunner’s golem up by crane. However the party was able to harpoon the gunner with their golem’s weaponry and pull him down. When the gunner died, the Words returned to Yuni. After Yuni awoke, the Capital forces made another grab at her Words. Again the party was able to reel them in with their golem’s harpoons before they could get away. This time it was Wildbeard who killed the Word-Bearer and Yuni’s Word then came to rest on Wildbeard’s head.

After a long battle, the party had part of the enemy’s golem crew, but most still remained. The airship was in position to fire down on them with its cannon. With two surviving golems in tow, the party made a hasty retreat, but not before Vengeance took one of the rune orbs left by one of the Capital soldier who tried to steal a Word.

The Airship finished recovering its golems. However since it took damage when Grimm used his golem to throw another golem at the airship, it did not re-engage the party. Instead it tracked them from the sky and set up signal flares occasionally, presumably to The Capital itself, which could be see on the horizon.

Eager to loose their pursuers the party found a cave in the nearby mountains and set up camp for the night. It had been a very, very long day.

06/02/2010 XP Report
XP Report
  • Roleplaying Rewards (525XP)

Total for session: 1995

Total for campaign: 14771

Roleplaying Rewards (525 XP)
  • Two golems survived (210 XP)
  • Didn’t loose a Word (315 XP)
  • G-51 “Minotaur” Assault Golem x2 (280 XP)
  • G-38 “Hydra” Artillery Golem x3 (420 XP)
  • G-15 “Hellhound” Support Golem x1 (140 XP)
  • Capital Pilot x6 (315 XP)
  • Capital Arcane Gunner x6 (315 XP)



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