5/12/2010 Game Summery

A fight broke out in the brig when the guards attempted to remove Grimm from his cell. By then Yuni had managed to slip out of her restraints and pulled a dagger from her boot. Also Dia’chon emerged from his hiding place and joined the fight. Still, it was a hard fight as Grimm and Yuni were without their full weapons and armor. They persevered and won the battle just as the other half of the party arrived to “rescue them”.

As the party was conferring, Yuni spotted a guard in the hallways of the airship. She stuck him with her arrows, but not before he could shout for help. Vengeance quickly manned a canon and fired upon the troops in the hanger. But the rest of the troops within the airship then surrounded them. The sending shadow of Empress Almeda emerged and told them that their Words of the Comet were required for the Capital’s plans to spread civilization throughout the land were progress was halted by the untamed Wilds. She made it clear their cooperation was mandatory and when the party did not pay her proper respect, she attacked. Almeda wielded powerful magic that stuck all within a wide range. However the limits of the sending shadow she acted through were strained and it could be disrupted by concentrated attacks. Through a relentless battle Almeda’s sending shadow finally collapsed.

The party then hauled the engineer up from the rope and forced him to pilot the airship out of the hanger. As they left Senlis, they could see The Capital itself looming in the distance. The Capital is a giant castle/city embedded in a titanic golem carved from a mountain. Fast interceptor airships took off from The Capital and pursued the party. As the party was fleeing the airships, they were boarded by flying clockwork creatures similar to the one they found guarding the crashed airship in the mountains of Altanoah.

The party had a tough time dealing with the clockwork Sky Raptors while fleeing the incoming airships. When one of the Sky Raptors was critically injured and activated its self destruct, the party pushed it off the airship and its mid-air explosion damaged one of the pursuers.

When the second Sky Raptor was downed, it was holding Vengeance in its clutches. Grimm managed to pry a protesting Vengeance out from under the construct as it began its self destruct timer. The engineer the party took captive used this time to active evacuation pods on the airship and escaped in one. Most of the party also scrambled into escape pods. The Sky Raptor exploded violently, knocking out Yuni and Wildbeard, but Vengeance managed to get them into escape pods. The airship, now a flying wreck, drifted into the path of one of the pursuing airships and destroyed both.

The escape pods of the airship buried themselves deep into the soil when they hit ground. It turns out the pods are also functional golem seeds and within seconds their passengers arose from the ground atop of large battle golems. One of the remaining Capital airships then began dropping seeds of its own…

5/12/2010 XP Report
XP Report
  • Roleplaying Rewards (210XP)
  • Busting Outta the Joint (446XP)
  • Vs Almeda’s shadow (779XP)
  • Airship Escape (665XP)

Total for session: 2100

Total for campaign: 12776

Roleplaying Rewards (210)
  • “We’re here to rescue you” “…” (105 XP)
  • Disrespecting Royalty (105 XP)
Busting Outta the Joint (446 XP)
  • Capital Lancer x3 (315 XP)
  • Capital Geomancer x1 (105 XP)
  • Golem Footsoldier x1 (26 XP)
Vs Almeda’s shadow (779 XP)
  • Empress Almeda (sending shadow) x1 (307 XP)
  • Warforged Captain x1 (123 XP)
  • Capital Lancer x4 (140 XP)
  • Capital Arcane Gunner x4 (140 XP)
  • Capital Geomancer x2 (70 XP)
Airship Escape (665 XP)
  • Capital Skyraptor x2 (350 XP)
  • Interceptor Airships x3 (315 XP)
Play By Forum Summery

On board the airship, Yuni and Grimm were taken down to the brig while Dai’chon sneaked into the the lower levels of the airship. On the gun deck he found a lone engineer working on some machinery. He ambushed and interrogated the engineer, who told him that the airship is heading for the Capital garrison in Senlis. Once Dai’chon got everything he could from the engineer, he tied him up and dangled him out of one of the open gun ports. He then barred the door and sent an animal messenger to Vengeance informing him of the airship’s destination. When capital soldiers tried to break down the barred door, Dai’chon took a page from Vengeance’s playbook and created a diversion by starting a fire. He was then able to sneak into the brig where Yuni and Grimm were being held.

In the brig, the guards brought in a jeweled container and rolled a long red carpet out in front of it. From out of the container appeared a sending shadow of the queen of The Capital, Empress Almeda. She questioned the captives about who had the seventh Word of the Comet if there only six of them. However, she quickly found they had no answers for her, so she left them for the guards to “extract” the Words from Grimm.

Meanwhile, back on the fields of Senlis, the remaining party members received Dia’chon’s message and took off for Senlis in the remaining Capital battle golem with a captured geomancer in tow. The geomancer told the party that the Capital was occupying Senlis, so Vengeance thought the town guard at the walls of Senlis would appreciate a captured Capital troop. Instead they were horrified that the party assaulted Capital troops and were afraid of reprisals. Vengeance then bullied his way in by threatening to frame the capture of the Captial geomancer on the Senlis guards.

In the middle of Senlis is the capital garrison. It’s a large stone tower that seems to have simply shot up from the ground, regardless of the pre-existing buildings. As such it bisected a number of neighboring buildings. At the top of the tower garrison was a large airship hanger.

Vengeance attempted to gain access to the tower by applying to join the Capital. Doing so proved to be a highly bureaucratic affair, strangled in red tape. Between Vengeance’s commotion at the city gates and Wildbeard’s carelessly exposed Word of the Comet, the party soon found themselves entangled with Capital troops in a crowded city street. They managed to handle the immediate guards, but not before they sent a signal for reinforcements. The jumped an alley fence and managed to escape just as a large battle golem arrived on the scene. Luckily no civilians were killed, though one fruit stand was wrecked beyond repair.

After loosing their pursuers (and their own sense of direction) in the side-streets and alleyways of Senlis, they eventually returned to the garrison. This time they sneaked into one of the buildings bisected by the garrison tower. The condemned building was structurely unsound, and Wildbeard had some close calls with collapsing floors and stairways. As they explored, they found a pair of rat-creatures, similar to the thieves encountered in Vaskmati’s Woods. The pair was digging a hole through the wall that separated the condemned building from the garrison. When the party approached, the rats pulled out knives and beckoned them to stay back. Though they didn’t speak the same language, the party was able to communicate through pictures. The rat-creatures were tying to get in to rob the garrison and they allowed the party to accompany them if the party dealt with any Capital troops and the rats got whatever loot they found.

Once the wall was broken, the party could see into a workshop where the golem seeds were maintained. Several mechanics were at a table playing cards. E’rah lured them to sleep with a spell and Vengeance casually snapped their necks one by one. The group then took their uniforms, a couple of golem seeds and took the clockwork spider/elevator up to the airship hanger on the seventh level. Halfway through the elevator ride, a Capital officer boarded and almost blew the gang’s cover. But the conversation was interrupted when the elevator arrived on the seventh floor and there was a commotion around the airship. Several troops were attempting to recover an engineer who was hanging upside down from a rope out of a cannon porthole.

Play By Forum XP report
XP Report
  • Roleplaying Rewards (264XP)
  • Streets of Senlis (578XP)

Total for session: 842

Total for campaign: 10230

Roleplaying Rewards (264)
  • Dai’chon’s Batman impression (126 XP)
  • Infiltrating the garrison (126 XP)
  • Killing a rat (11 XP)
  • Eating a rat (1 XP)
Streets of Senlis (578 XP)
  • Capital Lancer x3 (315 XP)
  • Capital Geomancer x2 (210 XP)
  • Golem Footsoldier x2 (53 XP)

Level Up!

4/28/10 Game Summery

Having defeated Vaskmati and removed the curse on the woods, the party returned to the wizard Holt. Holt was thrilled that they had managed to slay the monster and was eager to lay claim to the wild manasprings. He invited the party inside his house to give them their rewards, except Vengeance who had to stay outside because he was on fire. When the rest of the party asked Holt if he knew anything about the symbol on Vengeance, Holt responded that it looked like an astrological sign. Astrology isn’t Holt’s area of expertise, but he recommended someone who was: a man named Dunbar who lived in the city of Senlis.

The party was free to exit the woods, but it was still a good trek across difficult terrain. It was nightfall by the time the party made it to the edge of the forest, lead by the light of Vengeance who was lit fully aflame by his genasi scars, which had flickered to life this morning when he awoke with the mysterious symbol on his forehead. Unfortunately his light attracted the attention of some monsters led by a pack of imps. The party persevered against the monsters and one of the imps yelled “Selene is not paying us enough for this!” before retreating.

With the danger gone, the party made camp for the night. In the morning the symbol was no longer on Vengeance’s head and his fire had gone out. Now it was Barimoke who bore the symbol upon his head, not that he minded much. He also began hearing voices whispering cryptic messages. He also did not phase him in the least.

Out of Vaskmati’s Woods and now in the open plains of Senlis Fields, the party encountered a pair of spherical flying clockwork drones. Attacking first and asking questions never, Vengeance and E’rah fired upon the drones. The damaged drone shot a flare up into the air. The flare exploded in the air like a firework, but instead of fading away the embers swarmed and buzzed around E’rah like a group of fireflies.

Soon afterwards a Capital airship descended from the clouds and flew overhead. A number of troops repelled down on chains from the airship, which also dropped a orb surrounded by crackling energy into the ground. From where the orb hit the ground arose a large 30 foot golem that could be controlled and driven by one troop while another rode and bore a bow. The soldier commanding the riding golem ordered the party to surrender, but the party responded with their swords.

In the middle of the battle one of the troops noticed the marking on Wildbeard’s head and recognized it as the Words of the Comet. Upon this revelation, the Capital troops focused on capturing Barimoke. The giant riding golem shot its fist out as a projectile and Barimoke was caught in its grasping stone hand. Yuni and Vengeance, worn down by the fighting, were also incapacitated by the bolas used by the soldiers and the stone fists summoned from the earth by the Capital’s geomancers.

The airship returned to the battlefield and shot down harpoons, attaching chains to the stones that held party members captive. The chains then starting to retract, pulling the captives up into the airship! Using all of his might, Barimoke was able to break free of his bonds before he was pulled up into the airship. Vengeance utilized a teleportation technique he knew to escape, but it required him to swap places with an ally. He switched places with Grimm, confident that the goliath’s strength would free him. However the stone around Grimm did not give way until he was pulled onboard the airship and surrounded by Capital troops. Dai’chon turned himself into a swarm of spiders that held upon the chain that pulled up Yuni. Upon reaching the deck, he scattered himself and hid, waiting for an opportune time to free his allies.

A second set of chains were lowered to the remaining troops on the ground retrieve them. Vengeance severed the chain attached to one of the geomancers leaving him stranded when the rest were pulled up. He quickly surrendered.

With their query onboard, the airship powered up its propellers and took off. Vengeance, Barimoke and E’rah were left on the plains with their captive while the Capital airship flew off with Grimm and Yuni as their prisoners and Dai’chon as their undiscovered infiltrator.

End of Chapter 1

4/28/10 XP Report
XP Report
  • Roleplaying Rewards (336XP)
  • Strange Creatures (481XP)
  • Abduction in Senlis Fields (499XP)

Total for session: 1316

Total for campaign: 9388

Roleplaying Rewards (336)
  • Freeing Wildbeard (63 XP)
  • Freeing Vengeance (63 XP)
  • Capturing the geomancer (105 XP)
  • Sneaking onboard the airship (105 XP)
Strange Creatures (481 XP)
  • Ember Toadlizard x10 (307 XP)
  • Imp Saboteur x4 (175 XP)
Abduction in Senlis Fields (499 XP)
  • Capital Battle Walker x1 (105 XP)
  • Capital Pilot x1 (53 XP)
  • Capital Arcane Gunner x1 (53 XP)
  • Capital Lancer x2 (105 XP)
  • Capital Geomancer x2 (105 XP)
  • Golem Footsoldiers x6 (79 XP)
4/14/10 Game Summery

When the party awoke, Yuni was bearing the mark found on the dead woman on her forehead. As the party searched the airship, they saw the dead crew rise before their eyes. The party lashed out to strike down the undead soldiers. Each one they hit faded into darkness. Dai’chon was the first to realize that the ghouls were merely illusions. He convinced the rest of the team that the illusions were not real, but not before Grimm and Vengeance had desecrated the body of the dead woman, fearing that it too would come to life.

Using one of the ritual scrolls found in the witch’s den, E’rah was able to relive the last few moments of the airship captain’s life.

The captain marches to the room where the woman in white is being held captive. “What is all the commotion in here?”

“Sir, we saw the woman slip a small object off her person and hide it under the floorboards,” one of the guards said while the other was hunched over, examining the cracks between the wooden boards.

Before the captain could reprimand the two guards, a third marched into the room. The captain fixes his eyes on the lieutenant who gives a sharp salute. “Sir, this was found on the engineering level” he said holding out an object in his hands. It was a small metal talisman with a symbol of the moon on it.

“One of those lunatics must have gotten on board. Search the ship!” the captain ordered.

“They mean to kill me” the woman said solemnly, breaking her silence. “If one was on board the ship, then we are all surely doomed

As if triggered by her words, a thunderous explosion rocks the ship.

Grimm tore up some of the floorboards in the wrecked airship. Inside they found a small ring with the symbol of a comet on it.

Losing interest in the events on the ship, Vengeance examines some of the maps stolen from the witch’s old den. One of which appears to be a map of possible wild manasprings. He makes the nearest location the destination for tomorrow’s journey.

While the party rested for the night, an invisible assassin sneaked into camp and nearly slit E’rah’s throat. Luckily E’rah caught the glint of the campfire in the knife’s blade and managed to slip away and alert the others just in time. The assassin managed to escape, but left the would-be murder weapon: a dagger with the symbol of the moon on it.

When morning came, the mark upon Yuni’s head had disappeared. However, a new one, similar but not quite the same, had appeared on Vengeance’s head. During the course of the day as they marched down the mountain and into the forest, Vengeance’s genasi elemental scars began to glow and smoke.

Deep in the forest they came across dozens of strange stone statues. The statues were of feral looking four-armed creatures with mask-like faces. Vengeance boldly knocked one over. Grimm, not to ever be outdone, knocked over a dozen more. Soon the statues began coming to life and attacking the party. During the encounter, Vengeance’s genasi scars burst into open flame. Unfortunately this burnt most of the gear he had on his person.

When the battle was over a strange voice called out, asking them if they were foolish enough to come to this forest willingly. What the party first thought were a pair of trees bent down to reveal that what sat atop was a small stone cabin. Out of the cabin emerged a eladrin wizard. He explained that these woods have long since been cursed by a fearsome creature named Vaskmati. His curse prevents anyone who enters these woods from ever leaving, and all of those that meet his gaze would be turned to monsters under his influence. Luckily the monster’s vision was based on movement, so one caught in his sights could avoid the curse by standing perfectly still. Amongst the treasure that he guards is a crystal the serves as the focus object for his curse and would have to be retrieved in order to break the spell.

The party make their way to Vaskmati’s lair: the ruins of an old town around a manasprings, long since abandoned and now overgrown by the woods. Two of Vaskmati’s heads laid sleeping while the one with the cursed eye kept watch. The team had to move silently between the crumbling walls of the ruins to avoid Vaskmati’s gaze, whose attention was divided between the party and another group of thieves that came to loot his treasure.

Tired of playing hide and seek, Vengeance struck first, waking Vaskmati and teleporting him to a cramped corner of the ruins. However slaying the creature proved very difficult because the threat of the cursed eye remained.

E’rah was the first to recover the treasure hidden by the manaspring. Inside was the focus crystal, as well as a magic crossbow. E’rah proposed a game to Grimm: see who can poke out Vaskmati’s eye first. Enthusiastic about the new challenge, Grimm was able to use the crossbow to strike Vaskmati in the eye, blinding him. With the combined effort of the party, Vaskmati soon fell.

4/14/2010 XP Report
XP Report
  • Roleplaying Rewards (499XP)
  • Airship Wreckage (53XP)
  • Later That Night… (87XP)
  • Forest Rumble (274XP)
  • Giving Vaskmati the Evil Eye (416XP)

Total for session: 1329

Total for campaign: 8072

Roleplaying Rewards (499)
  • Searching the Airship (105 XP)
  • Meeting the Wizard (105 XP)
  • Recovering the Shard (105 XP)
  • BONUS – Defeating Vaskmati (184 XP)
Airship Wreckage (53 XP)
  • Illusions x6 (53 XP)
Later That Night… (87 XP)
  • Invisible Assailant x1 (87 XP)
Forest Rumble (274 XP)
  • Averice Howler x9 (100 XP)
  • Averice Heavyweight x2 (87 XP)
  • Averice Firebreather x2 (87 XP)
Giving Vaskmati the Evil Eye (416 XP)
  • Vaskmati x1 (263 XP)
  • Averice Howlers x6 (66 XP)
  • Damn Thieves x2 (87 XP)
4/07/10 Game Summery
Chapter 1: The Airship

The isolated city-state of Altanoah was abuzz with the news of the airship that crashed into the surrounding mountains. Many groups of adventurers were quickly forming to head out to find the crash site. Some to help anyone still there, others to help themselves to whatever is there. One such group was pulled together by the bold and boastful Grimm the Goliath, who took on any challenge that he faces. He was joined by a brooding revanant genasi who goes only by the name Vengeance and an eladin well versed the magic and the ways of The Wilds, E’Rah. These three assembled in the city plaza while rival groups, particularly one lead by a gruff dragonborn who bragged that his group would reach the prize first, were mobilizing and making their way to the city gate.

At the main gate the city guards have closed down the city and were ordering the groups of vigilantes to disperse, claiming that Altanoah officials have everything concerning the airship well under control. Vengeance was ready to force his way through, but approaching reinforcements of city guards convinced his allies that it was better to find another way. They did obtain information on a breach in the city walls elsewhere that was under repairs that they could slip through. Grimm’s strength made short work of the fence surrounding the wall breach and the party moved out of Altanoah’s city walls and into the surrounding Wilds.

In the thick and overgrown forest they ran into two other travelers, a wilden called Dai’chon and an odd dwarf hermit, Barimoke Wildbeard. Though the two called the Wilds their home, they were also seeking the crashed airship, concerned that it could do damage to the surrounding natural area.

A bit further into the forest there was a loud crash and rumble, followed by a razorclaw shifter sprinting out of the bushes, shouting “Get away, get away, get away!”. She was pursued by two large and furious forest creatures that came charging out of the forest, bashing into the party. There was a fierce fight with the creatures which even included Grimm and the razorclaw shifter, Yuni, being swallowed alive by the beasts. Grimm managed to cut his way out of the beast’s stomach while the creature that ate Yuni attempted to escape with its meal, but it was cut down by the party. Much to Vengeance’s dismay, Yuni proceeded to follow the party along, out of pure curiosity.

Further up the mountainside the party ran into another group. They were a rescue party from Altanoah that went to search for survivors in the airship crash. However they ran into a group of treasure seekers led by a dragonborn who perceived them as rivals for the airship’s alleged riches and ambushed them. Some of them were wounded from the ambush. As the party approached, the rescue party’s weary escort eyed them suspiciously, afraid of another ambush, and told them to keep their distance. Aside from some advice about medicinal herbs from Dai’chon, the party did not stick around to lend aide.

In order to cross to the next peak where the airship laid, the party decided to brave the mountain’s cave network over the choice of crossing a rope bridge. As they navigated the caves, Vengeance fell through a false floor and landed in what had once been a witch’s den. The rest of the party climbed down and began to explore and pillage the disused den.

Halfway through their rummaging there was a noise at the door and in came a sending shadow, a form of astral projection, of the witch that once lived her. She came to retrieve something she had left behind but was surprised to see intruders. Vengeance was not afraid to question the witch and threaten to burn the den down if she did not answer. All this did was antagonize her further and in a fury she barraged the party with spells and hexes. However the sending shadow through which the witch acted had limited power which quickly became exhausted and the dark form faded away, but not before the witch swearing revenge for the party’s disrespect. After the rest of the party left the cave, Vengeance burned the den.

At the summit of the second peak, the airship came within sight. Near the crash site the party found the bodies of one of the rival treasure hunting teams. Out from the clouds descended a large clockwork flying beast with the symbol of The Capital and it attacked the party. In a feat that by all rights should be impossible, E’rah successfully subdued the clockwork construction with a sleeping spell. Solely because she didn’t know it couldn’t be done. Vengeance bound the constructs wings with ropes while Grimm leap off a tall rock and onto its back, driving in his greatsword. When the clockwork beast awoke it assessed its situation and initiated its self-destruct sequence. All was able to escape the enormous blast except Vengeance who was well toasted but survived.

At last the party arrived at the crash site of the airship. The airship also carried the symbol of The Capital. Inside were many dead Capital soldiers and woman in a white dress, also dead. The woman’s hands were bound and there was a strange glowing tattoo on her forehead. When Yuni touched the tattoo, a large pulse of energy ran through the derelict airship and knocked everyone out. When the party awoke soon after, the tattoo on the dead woman was gone but now it appeared on Yuni’s forehead.

4/07/10 XP Report
XP Report
  • Roleplaying Rewards (630XP)
  • Meet Yuni and “Friends” (438XP)
  • Clockwork Curbstomp (175XP)

Total for session: 1243

Total for campaign: 6743

Roleplaying Rewards (630)
  • Leaving Altanoah (105 XP)
  • Making New Friends (53 XP)
  • Wounded Travelers (53 XP)
  • Witch’s Den (210 XP)
  • Boss Smackdown (105 XP)
  • The Airship (105 XP)
Meet Yuni and “Friends” (438 XP)
  • Stinging Hornbeasts x2 (438 XP)
Clockwork Curbstomp (175 XP)
  • Capital Skyraptor x1 (175 XP)

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