Enid, the Woman in White

The original bearer of the Words of the Comet, found dead on a crashed Capital airship.


Onboard the wreckage of the Capital airship that landed in the mountains outside Altanoah, laid the body of an unknown woman dressed in white. She bore the Words of the Comet upon her forehead until she was touched by Yuni. In life she hid a ring with the symbol of a comet from her captors.

Her body was desecrated by Grimm and Vengeance.

In Chantilly, the party held a Séance and was able to talk to Enid, the woman in white. She told the party that she was a member of the comet cult and was tasked with delivering the Words of the Comet to the Earth Shrine. On her way, she was abducted Capital forces. While on the airship heading for The Capital, it was sabotaged by a Lunatic, which caused a fatal crash.

Enid holds the party in rather low regard, especially Grimm and Vengeance. She is utterly dismayed that the task of collecting and escorting the Words to the safety of the Earth Shrine has fallen on such a ragtag bunch. Still, she does whatever she can to aide the party whenever the power of the Words allow them so see her ghostly form.

Enid, the Woman in White

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