Fueled by a hate so strong not even death can quell his rage.


Hidden deep in the wilderness tucked away from any large cities, there sat a secluded manaspring. Around this manaspring, Fire Spring was formed. As long as the settlement had existed, firesoul Genasi had been attracted to and protected its people. In return, the people held them in the highest regards and labeled the eldest of every generation The Protector.

12 generations of protectors have come and gone and the newest protector has been born, Riven, the 13th protector.

Being born under a bad sign, Riven’s parents did everything they could and had two more children before they passed protection of Fire Spring unto a new generation. The youngest and chosen protector, Emere, was the chosen third and would counteract the stigmata brought about by being the 13th protector.

The years passed and Emere came into maturity and inherited the title of Protector on his 16th birthday. For 12 years he watched over the city with his ever vigilant eyes and the people began to believe that the power of three would counteract the curse of the 13th. Fire Spring thrived and it looked as through it would continue to thrive for generations to come.

In the background, Riven watched silently as his younger took what was rightfully his. Riven should be the one worshipped since he is the eldest. For the past 12 years rage built up inside of him like the fire in soul. Riven had always been the strongest fighter. Riven had always been the wisest. Riven had always been the one supposed to be the Protector.

Riven stormed away from Fire Spring and searched for trouble. Slaughtering the evils in the wilderness calmed the fire in his heart, especially when he imagined they were Emere. On this day, Riven had just finished a hunt when he came upon an old crone.

Surprised that such a woman would travel the wilderness alone, Riven was taken aback, but then he felt her power.

“My dear Riven” she said in a stronger voice than should have come from the weak looking woman “you have suffered too much. You are the rightful Protector of Fire Spring. I have felt the fury of your rage and I have come to quell that fire.”

“I’m listening,” Riven said eying the woman cautiously, “what can you do to put me in my rightful place?”

Months later it was Emere’s birthday celebration and Fire Spring was in high spirits. Emere accepted his gifts with great pride and looked down upon his elder brother.

“And what do you bring me brother_” Emere said haughtily, _“or have you been too busy wandering the woods these past months to remember this joyous day?”

“No,” Riven said with a hint of rage in his voice, “I remembered and I even have a gift.”

Riven unsheathed his mighty greatsword sword and acted as though he was going to present it to Emere.

“Riven, you jest!” Emere said laughing, “you know you’re the only one foolish enough to use one of those clunky things. I prefer speed over brute strength. That is why I’m up here and you’re down there!”

“No, younger brother, that is not why you’re up there and I’m down here. I’m not going to give you my sword dear younger bother” Riven said as Emere leaned forward.

“Oh? Then what is your gift?”

Riven did not speak but thrust his arm forward and the mighty greatsword lunged forward and plunged into Emere’s gut. The people of Fire Spring stood shocked and all was silent.

The only sound that could be heard over the sudden silence was Emere gagging on his own blood. Emere fell to his to his knees and Riven thrust the sword deeper into his stomach.

Riven walked up and thrust his great sword deeper into Emere as Riven screamed out in rage “I am the Protector! This city is mine!”

Riven made one final push with his sword and Emere felt the fire in his soul wither and extinguish.

In an isolated not so special area of the woods, darkness fell upon the forest. The forest slept and all was peaceful.

This is not the end.

A hand rose from the ground and grasped at the empty air. Another hand rose followed by a body. The body dug itself out of the ground and gasped for air.

The fire of my life may have been extinguished but not the fire in my soul.

The body clumsily stood up and looked at its unfamiliar hands. Its head was a blur and it didn’t know who it was. No, it started to come back.

My journey is not over.

It remembered betrayal by family. It didn’t remember names, it didn’t remember places. It did remembered a fire fueled by vengeance.

All I know is Vengeance

It looked at its hands and didn’t see anything familiar. It closed its eyes and let the rage overcome it. It opened it eyes and it finally saw its hands. His hands.

I am Vengeance.

Lines of fire drew over his skin and traced scars into his arms, face, and finally to his gut. The fire traced a large scar on his front and back, the scar that killed him.

He didn’t know who he was in his past life, but he knew he was reborn for one purpose: vengeance. Vengeance was his purpose and vengeance is who he is.

The image of his brother stabbing him in his gut burned in his head. He was brought back for a reason and not even death would let him rest until he had his vengeance.

Vengeance is a Revanant Sword Mage who was Genasi in his previous life.

  • He does not know how long ago he was killed
  • He assumed his need for vengeance brought him back
  • He has remembered a few bits and pieces since he first woke up. He knows Riven’s name, he knows his old name, and he knows the name Fire Spring, though he doesn’t know where it is.
  • If it’s cool with you, I’d like him to retain his Genasi elemental scars and the wound his brother gave him.
  • He generally wears light armor that shows off the stab wound. In this case it’s his battle harness
  • Since he woke up he has taken any opportunity possible to venture into the wilderness in hopes of finding Fire Spring
  • His soul is full of rage and he assumes that’s the reason he still walks but he generally keeps it bottled up inside in hopes when he finds his brother he can let it erupt and give him strength.
  • He was a defender or protector in his previous life and even though he doesn’t act like it, he still defends anyone he assumes is under his protection with his life. His general motto is he has already died once, what’s the worst that could happen? It could stick this time?


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