Maha is a Tiefling Lunatic with the power of invisibility. She used that power to sneak into the airship that was transporting Enid back to The Capital, and sabotage it. She found the wreck of the airship at the same time as the party and used her powers to conceal herself from them. Maha was the seventh person present when Yuni touched Enid’s corpse and unleashed the Words of the Comet onto all present.

That evening Maha attempted to retrieve the other words by killing the party as they slept. This plan was foiled by E’rah who spotted Maha while in her nightly trance. Though she didn’t steal any Words, Maha made a successful escape.

The party encountered Maha seven days later when Selene led them into a trap in the snowy outskirts of Chantilly. It was on that day that Maha’s Word was manifesting and with her training on how to control the Celestrial Words, she was able to cloak not just herself, but also the ambushing party.

During the ambush she was able to steal Dia’chon’s Word.

She currently has the 4th and 7th Words.



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