A forest guardian that embraces the inherent duality of all things


Created by the primal essence of Nature to be one of its guardians, Dai’chon is acutely aware of the duality inherent in all systems, and the need to seek and maintain balance between them. The forest must be equal parts nurturer and destroyer. Each form of life must consume and in turn be consumed. Every living thing is both an individual and a mere part of the larger super-organism of the wilds.

Because of this mentality, Dai’chon does not attempt to fight the personality changes that come hand in hand with his Wilden metamorphoses, but rather embraces both the easy cheerfulness of his Aspect of the Hunter and the short-tempered, easily angered Aspect of the Destroyer, seeing his calm and collected Aspect of the Ancients as the center point the two extremes swing on.

Seeing an airship crash into the mountains, Dai’Chon feels a brief annoyance at the encroachment of civilization and their machines. He has no special hatred for such things, but like anything else they have their places and should learn to stick to them. Picking up his staff, he makes his way to the crash site to investigate, ready to put out fires before they spread and begin repairing damage to his forest.

Upon learning of the true nature of the words and their importance to the spirit of the earth, Dai’Chon has vowed to let nothing stand in the way of completing and delivering the celestial message. This, along with his special enmity for Geomancers, has unfortunately lead to some frankly horrific acts in the service of this quest…


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