Barimoke Wildbeard

An old hermit who has spent his life with the spirits of The Forest, Barimoke has sensed an imbalance and is determined to right it.


Barimoke was born into an aristocratic Dwarven family many years ago, but his memories of that time are long lost. As a child, he heard the spirits of The Forest calling to him stronger and stronger every day. His parents brought alchemists, doctors, clerics, and any other manner of healer they could find to try to cure his hallucinations, but eventually they had to consider him a lost cause. He wandered off into The Forest, and has not seen his people since.

Decades have passed since then, but Shakakan remembers little of it. Throughout his life, the spirits have periodically visited him to tell him of an imbalance in The Forest, and he does what he feels is necessary to bring the natural chaos of nature back to the world. Though these excursions are years apart, he has no memory of the time between. (He believes that during these times he exists as a spirit of The Forest, but there’s really no telling which parts of his life are all in his head, which are real, and which are something entirely different.)

Barimoke Wildbeard

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