9/8/10 XP Report

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (1566XP)
  • Curbstomp at the Estates (858XP)

Total for session: 2424

Total for campaign: 34098

Roleplaying Rewards (1566)

  • Awkward spidervator ride (1 XP)
  • Climbing the Arboretum (840 XP)
  • Defeated guards without sounding an alarm (315 XP)
  • Hiding the bodies in the maintainance corridor (158 XP)
  • Raiding the manor (252 XP)

Curbstomp at the Estates (858 XP)

  • Capital Grappler x5 (612 XP)
  • Pain Magnet x1 (123 XP)
  • Golem Launcher x1 (123 XP)



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