9/8/10 Game Summery

From the reservoir the party continued upward into the Arboretum, where The Capital’s food was grown in gigantic trees. With the spidervators locked down, the party took to climbing the massive trees. They discovered devices attached to the trees that dripped a steady supply of mana into the trees, which accounted for their large size. The party found that smashing the devises on the branches of the trees would cause climbable vines to grow spontaneously, allowing them to climb higher.

After reaching the top of the Arboretum the party was able to reach a maintenance tunnel which they took up to the estates level. They surfaced behind a barricade the Capital established around the spidervator shaft, thinking the party would ascend up from there. The party was able to successfully flank the surprised guards and take them down without rising an alarm. They overheard an officer speaking with Queen Almeda through a speaking stone about a ceremony the queen is planning for the next day that she cannot afford to delay, even with the party infiltrating the Capital.

Confronted with another barricade, the party ducked into a manor house to avoid more guards. Inside they found Prince Rat waiting for them. He had been following them as they made their way through the Capital. He opened up a door to a pocket dimension for the party to rest in for the night.



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