9/29/10 XP Report

Game Summery

Prince Rat informed that the best way into the Royal Palace would be to sneak into the ceremony taking place that day. After reversing Yuni’s frog transformation with a revolting kiss (plus some tongue), Prince Rat set the party up with some stolen invitations that were enchanted to change the party’s appearance.

In their new disguises, the party gained access to the Royal Place for what turned out to be Princess Almeda XIII’s birthday ceremony. There were some blunders but the party managed to keep up appearances long enough to find where the missing words of the comet were. They were now bound to Queen Almeda XII. After the ceremony the party confronted the queen. She summoned her void knights, led by Riven, Vengeance’s lost brother. The party survived, but the queen, princess and Riven escaped further into the palace.

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (2205XP)
  • Enter Void Knights (3745XP)

Total for session: 5950

Total for campaign: 40048

Roleplaying Rewards (2205)

  • Worst. Party guests. EVER. (2205 XP)

Enter Void Knights (3745 XP)

  • Queen Almeda XII x1 (1050 XP)
  • Princess Almeda XIII x1 (280 XP)
  • Riven x1 (875 XP)
  • Void Knights x3 (1050 XP)
  • Poor Dumb Bastards (Guards) x4 (490 XP)




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